last week, i had a couple of friends over for a light dinner and dessert. we recently started making getting together a habit and will rotate the location among our homes. last week was my turn.

i love entertaining, though i have not done so in a while, but enjoy it when i do. depending on the day company is coming, i order out or I cook the meal myself. this time we ordered out.

after dinner, we sat around and talked, waiting for our food to digest so we could stuff our bellies with dessert.

in the midst of our conversations, both of my guests complimented the décor of my apartment and said, “it doesn’t look like anyone lives here.”

“what do you mean it doesn’t look like anyone lives here?” i frowned. “we have furniture, pictures on the wall….dishes. what did you expect to see garbage and clothes all over the place?” the conversation died down and we moved on to something else.Spain-Girona-Wimdu-Apt-LR

however, for the rest of the night and the next morning, i looked around my place repeating the words it doesn’t look like anyone lives here to myself.

i’m not upset or mad, perplexed maybe.

when i think about an “empty” home, a visual of my apartment doesn’t come to mind, but maybe something similar to the photo on the right.

when i got to work, i emailed another friend and relayed the conversation i had with my guests and asked her opinion of my apartment and why she didn’t tell me my apartment was as cold and empty as an eskimo’s igloo.

she told me to pipe down, they were only saying it’s too neat and i should take it as a compliment.

i don’t.

later that morning, my friend sent me the video below about…..well you have to watch it. it’s hilarious and although i’m not as intense as the man in the video or hold myself to that standard, i was able to laugh at myself from someone else’s point of view.



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Written by valerie



OMG Val, I laughed my ass off while watching that video! HILARIOUS! I also clicked over on the link to the guys’ You Tube channel and watched a few more. VERY funny man!

“it doesn’t look like anyone lives here.”

I’ve had people say the exact same thing about my apartment and for the exact same reason – it looks too neat. However, one of the people who said that has an apartment that looks like a BOMB exploded because he has clutter stuffed within ever single inch of his apartment. Anytime I visit him, I feel like I can’t breathe or move because there is stuff everywhere!

I have always lived in studio apartments; therefore I need to keep my space clutter-free, clean, and organized. If I didn’t do that, it would drive me insane.


isn’t that man insane. he is funny. i never knew there was a thing about cleaning your house to the point that it looks like no one lived there, but that video made me laugh out loud because there is. thought never occurred to me, i just clean and put things where they belong. oh yeah, try not to have too much clutter because like you, it would drive me insane. i said next time they come over i’m going to throw garbage all over the floor. hahahahaha.


Well, I’m a little embarrassed watching that, because I can relate!!! Lol! I have put post it notes on bathroom doors and not let my family use them before company comes!


that’s funny, bijoux and i understand not wanting peeps to use the bathroom you just cleaned. the bathroom should always be clean, though i feel creepy having to use other people’s bathroom.

since i have cats, the only thing i ask family if it smells like pets up in here and so far, everyone has said no. i’d be immune to any smell so i always ask new people just coming in.


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