my name is valerie and i enjoy writing and making people laugh. i never know what i’ll share or blog about, so if you’re looking for focus go stare at a dot because you won’t find it here.v

my birth name is valerie morrison and since being on the web, i have always used variations of the acronym ntrlwmn or natural because it describes me in one word.

my first website was i can’t remember what was on it, but  got bored with it and gave it up. many years later, i decided to use my name as my domain name and thought it would be easier for people to remember how to find me. if you can remember my name, you can always find my site, at least i thought. i still have friends ask me the url to my website.

i thought natural woman was a lot more interesting than valerie. it was later shortened by my bowling buddies to natural. i answer to valerie on most days, particularly pay day.

i’ve been blogging for several years, but my blog never made it to its first birthday, i would always end up deleting it. at the time, i didn’t know why i was blogging, it was just the “thing to do” and i was doing the darn thing. this is the first blog i have not deleted and it’s over a year old.

cleaning v

i love to clean, but i hate cleaning the kitchen.

i’ll share a few one liners about me, in case you’re wondering:

nobody combed my hair as a child. see above picture.

when i was a kid people used to run into me with their bike, a lot. i guess i looked like a pole.

as a kid, i was too shy to wear anything that showed my belly button. today, i can’t even find my belly button.

i’m afraid of butterflies and moths, i blame my brother for teasing me with peacock feathers when i was younger.

i’m into the two ears and one mouth thing. i listen more than i speak. people think i’m quite.

my favorite room in the house is the bedroom and followed by a close 2nd is the bathroom.

i love to cook and bake.

i love entertaining and having dinner parties. i plan everything from the menu to the music.

lady v

me after shedding some pounds. it’s 2015 and i’m fat again.

my night time ritual is a bath, a cup of coffee and a book. i love to listen to music or read a book while taking a bath. i wear perfume to bed?

i was once stuck in an elevator in cartagena, s.a. with 6 other people for about an hour with nothing to read. i make sure i keep a book with me now. i don’t mind being stuck, but i do mind having nothing to do.

i used to sleep with the radio on at night.

i direct music videos in my head of my favorite songs as i listen to them. i don’t know why and can’t explain it.

once i wrote an entire video out and mailed it to an artist (band) in the u.k. for one of their songs. i never heard from them. i don’t even watch music videos anymore.

v runs

i enjoy running.

i hate being cold, it makes me angry. i will never go skiing.

i don’t like the phone. if you leave me a message, it’s just like not leaving me a message.

i’m bad at proofraeding.

i’m a cookie monster.


i love photography

say cheese!

oh what am i supposed to do with this space on the right side of the page.

i just can’t leave it empty.

i type in lowercase, that’s my signature too on the web. it makes people mad and i don’t care.

it’s currently past my bedtime (10:00), but i’m too dumb to go to bed.

i used to put trash in the mailbox as a kid. somehow, the mailman caught me and told my mom.

this was probably around the time in my life when my memory fades to black and those years are classified as an x-file. notice, no pictures of me after age 7 until 20.

i used to lock public bathrooms from the inside and then crawl out from under the space below. once, i was busted by an elderly friend and she made me crawl back under to unlock the door. i gave up doing stupid stuff until i could think of a better plan without getting caught. so far my record is 0-3,265.

i don’t sleep curled up in a ball for no reason. now i know why i don’t like “about me” pages, i read: crazy. there! the space is filled, now i can have my coffee and go to bed.





Is this a new blog, Val? You cracked me up! Those are some interesting things about you! I like the music video stuff. When we are driving around, my husband and I always chuckle when we see people walking their dog or mowing their grass to what looks like the song we are listening to on the radio.

The trash in the mailbox is classic! Was your mailman obnoxious like Newman on Seinfeld??


Nope, not a new blog. Was and I let that go and got Something happened and I had to rebuild the site. I post here occasionally. I never spell that word correctly!


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