american express would like to think their card is the one people should never leave home without, but for me, it’s my library card.

i love the library. i love books. i love reading.

it’s a great way for me to relax and supply my brain with a little exercise. however, i have not been reading as much as i used to, and at the start of 2016, i commenced on a read a book a week marathon. so far, i’m on target to surpass 52 books read for the year. booyah!

anyhoo, back to the library.

by brittany - virginia public library

by brittany – virginia public library

one day i was at the counter of my local library and i saw a free bookmark advertising a service one could use with their library card called hoopla digital. i’ve seen it before, but never picked it up, only this time i did.

when i arrived home, i typed the web address into my phone’s browser and signed up for the service.  later i downloaded the app and i. struck. gold.

this service has so much to offer and one can borrower up to 20 items every month. this includes movies, music, ebooks, audio books and comic books. i read or listen to my downloads via my smartphone or nook tablet.  

what’s also great is there’s nothing to physically return.  borrowed items are automatically returned on their due date or may be returned manually by tapping the “return now” link below the borrowed item. although i’m extremely happy with the service, it doesn’t replace me going to the library, but it is another perk of having a library card.

do you have a library card?

Written by valerie



I go to the library once a week. I love to read fiction and enjoy researching for trips in the travel section. I couldn’t live without my local library!


i knew you were awesome for a reason, bijoux. my town is cutting back on the hours the library is open, there have been protests and writing campaigns. i know people read digital media, but the library is still so important, at least for me. there are other things that can be done there as well…just need to stir up interest again to get the people back in there. i love it, myself.

what are you reading. i’m reading two books at the moment, it’s always complicated and the rosie project.


I read and enjoyed The Rosie Project! I went to library yesterday and got We Are Water by Wally Lamb. I’ve liked his other books, so am thinking this will be a good one.


cool. i will check out that book, we are water. i was told the sequel to the rosie project was not that great, so i may just listen to that one instead.

sorry for the months late reply.


I just did two posts in a row of book reviews. Maybe you might enjoy?

Been wondering where you’ve been and hope you are well!


Yes Val, I still do have a library card but haven’t used it in YEARS because the library close to my apartment is so erratic about it’s hours of operation, that I finally got sick of it and stopped going.

“i commenced on a read a book a week marathon. so far, i’m on target to surpass 52 books read for the year. booyah!”


Gosh, it’s been ages since I went to a library, which is strange, because many many years ago I used to go at least once every two weeks. Now, if I want to read a book, I go to Barnes and Noble.

Thanks so much for sharing about hoopla digital because I will definitely check it out, now that I finally have a smartphone!

Have a grrrreat week, girl!



i understand, ron. your library probably cut back the hours like mine did. kinda sad, but many people are not going to the library anymore. heck, people aren’t even reading as much, well books anyway. they seem to be too long for most. 🙂

hoopla is wonderful. i’m very impressed with it and that i can easily get books or right on my phone. they don’t have everything and that’s when i go to the library or barnes and noble. i love it there too, except when parents bring their screaming kids to run crazy in children’s section. there’s a park for that!


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