company is coming

last week, i had a couple of friends over for a light dinner and dessert. we recently started making getting together a habit and will rotate the location among our homes. last week was my turn. i love entertaining, though i have not done so in a while, but enjoy it when i do. depending on the day… Read more »

never leave home without it

american express would like to think their card is the one people should never leave home without, but for me, it’s my library card. i love the library. i love books. i love reading. it’s a great way for me to relax and supply my brain with a little exercise. however, i have not been reading as… Read more »

spring cleaning

for some people, the most wonderful time of the year would be the holiday season. except for me, it would be the spring cleaning season. call me a freak, but i need to clean and i enjoy doing it. i also love organizing, but like diet and exercise, they go hand-in-hand. i can’t do one without… Read more »

the philippines – part iv

these flower photos were taken during a walk in baguio city. baguio is about a six-hour drive from venezuela, 5,050 feet above sea level and surrounded by beautiful mountains.  the drive there was long but absolutely beautiful.  it felt like we were driving up into the clouds as we made our way through the winding,… Read more »

the philippines – part iii

before my friend and i left for the philippines, she mentioned to me several of the places we would visit, one being batangas city to see an old house (built in 1883) owned by her friend who lives in the acosta-pastor ancestral home, a historical landmark in the philippines. when she mentioned an old house, i got… Read more »

the philippines – part ii

eating in the philippines i don’t consider myself a picky eater, but cautious. as i prepared for my trip to the philippines, i came up with the idea to go on a restricted diet. i thought this would protect me from eating sweets and anything else i could not identify by name. instead of saying no, thank you, to… Read more »

the philippines – part i

i love to travel. so in april of 2015 when my friend told me she was going to the philippines in 2016, i said i wanted to go with her.  i assumed april of next year would give me enough time to get my money together. however, one day in the month of june while at work, i… Read more »

eagle rock lanes

last weekend i tried something i have been afraid to do for almost 5 years. i bowled. i’m no stranger to bowling and used to bowl competitively several times a week. my high game is 289 and i was good. so why then was i afraid to bowl?  long story short: in 2011, i was… Read more »

from oliver to caleb

this was my boy, oliver. unfortunately, last may in 2015, he passed away and i was devastated!  i cried for weeks wherever my tears would flow.  i’m not sure i’m over his death even now. whenever i look at his photos, especially the ones i took when he was sick, i get teary eyed.  eventually… Read more »

wireless headphones

one size does not fit all which is why i have three different pairs of wireless headphones. over the years, i’ve gone through many pairs of headphones, mostly wired, and either i was not happy with the fit (falling out my ear during exercise) or they would fall apart.  it’s possible they were inexpensive and… Read more »

  • spider web

    taken in the early morning near my job.

  • all systems go!

    i think i’m going to give this blogging thing another go. i don’t have the brain power or ability to write full-length blog posts anymore and will be posting a variety of things here. no pressure, right?