before my friend and i left for the philippines, she mentioned to me several of the places we would visit, one being batangas city to see an old house (built in 1883) owned by her friend who lives in the acosta-pastor ancestral home, a historical landmark in the philippines.

when she mentioned an old house, i got excited because i was expecting to see something raggedy and abandoned, but surround by beauty. i love abandoned structures, so i was fine with it. i wasn’t, however, expecting what i saw.

after touring the home, this is where we were served and ate a delicious lunch.

after lunch, we sat here while tony played the piano and he and his friend entertained us. tony signed his musical CD and gave me a copy to take home.

this beautiful hat display rests on the landing going up the stairs. i thought it was nicely decorated.

record player and yes, it works.

this bullet was meant for william taft, governor of the philipppines at the time, who was hiding out in their home from US military. i found a facebook link that mentions the bullet lodged in the doorway.

there’s something special about this particular piano and according to tony, the owner, this is 1 of 9 of them in the world.  it sounds beautiful.

naked lady

self-portrait. i got so much sun i looked like a copper/bronze statue. someone asked me to pose for a picture.


a short clip of tony singing with his friend and playing the piano.

i found this on youtube:

my friend’s friend, the one in red, darn i forget her name. she is VERY nice, gracious, kind and gave me a beautiful scarf on our departure.

as we were walking around the house talking about whatever lady acosta and i stopped at a table and chair set. i lowered my butt into one of the chairs and she, as a bit of information said, “that chair came with the house.”

i quickly sprung upward before my butt hit the chair and we both laughed about it. i’m positive she wasn’t saying not to sit there because we sat on the furniture, but just hearing something is so old, i didn’t want my big butt to be the first one to break it.

it turned out to be one of the best days of my life, i felt welcomed by everyone and i will always remember it as being special. it wasn’t until we were deep into our ride back to venezuela  that i realized THAT was the old house my friend was referring to. i am so stupid.

Written by valerie



“it turned out to be one of the best days of my life, i felt welcomed by everyone and i will always remember it as being special. ”

Val, I could actually sense that just from reading this post and looking at your AMAZING photographs. I could feel your joy. What a gorgeous house! Love those wooden floors. And that piano….how GRAND! I was blown away by hearing that the record player still worked, trying to imagine out it sounded.

“self-portrait. i got so much sun i look like a copper/bronze statue. someone asked me to pose for a picture.”

HA! That was brilliant!

Enjoyed the videos too! Wow…those guys could sing! And looking at the last video clip, I could see just how much fun you had. What a joyful and lovely group of people!

Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see more of your trip!



i wasn’t expecting to have such a great time, but i truly did, ron.

and yes, the house was beautiful and well preserved. there was more work being done to it while we were there and just to let you know how big it is, we had to walk outside in the courtyard and up a bunch of stairs to get to the kitchen.

thanks for visiting!


Wow on that being one of the best days of your life! What a grand home and a chance to spend time with interesting folks from a different culture. i think that’s usually the best part.

Nice selfie! LOL


it was bijoux, i love hanging around older folks than myself too. some can be quite funny, but enjoy the no drama and just having fun or talking. at times, the spoke tagalog so i didn’t understand whatever they were saying, but smile and nodded anyway. it is interesting being with another culture. one thing i did learn is that they eat most everything with a spoon, not a fork.

Rob Lenihan

Great photos, great video, and a great story, Valeria. What a fantastic adventure this was for you! I love those videos with all that lovely music. Excellent post!


thanks, really was an experience for me. i would like to go back, but not where i was.


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